We help Indigenous communities create better digital services

Haleigh Callison

Hwlitsum First Nation

Takoda Consulting + Button

Takoda Consulting & Button have formed a unique partnership, committed to supporting Indigenous communities across our country with meaningful digital strategies and outcomes. Takoda is guided by Haleigh Callison (she/her), Member of the Hwlitsum First Nation.

We welcome ways to give back to communities and uncover potential learning & employment opportunities for community members.​

Together, we seek impact and change

Takoda Consulting: An Indigenous, female owned company that nurtures collaboration between Indigenous communities and industries, fostering relationships that benefit both parties.

Button: An agile software & digital services development agency, dedicated to sustainability, social impact, transparency and making a difference.

With many success stories, here are 3 examples of the meaningful work Button has accomplished​:

About Button

Button creates meaningful and innovative digital services for the private sector and governments. Our digital success stories include human-centred, value-driven, end-to-end solutions.

Blending service design with an open-source approach, we deliver value early and often, making iterative refinements while solving challenging problems with data & science along the way.


Product Strategy

Digital Transformation

Legacy Migration

Mobile Development

Business Intelligence

Project Management


User Research

Data Science

Full Stack Development

UX & Service Design

QA & Testing

Scrum / Agile Delivery