About Button

Button Inc. was born out its founders’ desire to take complex tasks and ideas, and deliver them in a simple, fun and usable way. That’s always been the guiding force behind the projects we’ve built. We built socks that can detect real-time emotional stress. We took a NASA study on plants that can clean the air and made the world’s first indoor plant-based air purifier. We took a large body of unstructured educational material and turned it into highly usable medical guides. Today we are helping the Government of BC track and reduce industrial greenhouse gas emissions.

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Why Button

We are technologists and designers and we only have two rules – make good things and enjoy making them. The Button culture embraces setting aside time to enjoy their personal hobbies, become immersed in their own passion projects and further the development of their personal portfolio. Join us in our creative journey!

Our Team

Hamza Javed
Founder and Head of Design

Matthieu Foucault
Full-stack Developer

Shahmeer Alam
Full-stack Developer

Alec Wenzowski
Founder and Head of Technology

Dylan Leard
Full-stack Developer

Rachel Greenspan
Lead Project Manager

Michael Wenzowski
Project leader

Our Offices

662 King St W #101,

Toronto, ON M5V 1M7, ON Canada


843 Fort St,

Victoria, BC V8W 1H6


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