Launch Online Grant Program

The Challenge

As part of StrongerBC's Economic Recovery Plan through the B.C. Ministry of Jobs, Economic Recovery and Innovation, the Launch Online Grant Program's supports the Small and Medium Sized Business Recovery Grant program by providing grants to businesses to ensure they had the support they need during and beyond COVID-19, and to move their business model online.

The Solution

Expertise: Data Science, Web development, UserResearch, UX design

Deliverables: Data Architecture, User research, UI/UX, Web application, DevOps

Technologies: Node, React, Postgres, Python, Azure

Button worked with our partner Alacrity to advise and deliver on the Launch Online Grant Program's service design and support the program in accepting applicants and delivering over $12 million in support grants.

The Button team worked in an Agile environment to rapidly deliver this economic recovery solution. This included the design and creation of front-end website and online platform to receive applications.

Design and implementation of web pages, format validation (e.g. for postal codes to be in the H0H 0H0 format, not if they are a valid postal code) was also part of the build. The design and creation of a secured-back-end database storage solution was completed in Microsoft Azure.

With security always a primary deliverable, Button helped the program achieve threat risk assessment and cloud guard rails compliance.

The final solution took a very challenging economic situation and delivered a program that supported a rapid response for businesses and is accepting applications from businesses ready to start and finish their online shop within 12 weeks.

The Outcome

A world class solution applicant website and platform were created, while also delivering a secure database and storage product.

The program's efficiency was established for goals, adjudication, and service to BC citizens.  

An evidence based and automated program data dashboard was included for applications and customizable executive reporting, which offered transparency and validation for citizens and government officials who over saw the program.

Security risks were managed and mitigated, and an ongoing support post launch program was established to all but eliminate technical support costs to government and our partner.  

The B.C. Ministry of Jobs, Economic Recovery and Innovation, our partner and citizens with small and medium sized business all were winners!

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