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Learnings from developing public sector technology

Improving Government Procurement

Innovative, agile procurement vehicles allow us to iterate alongside government. Procurement innovation is mandatory to support vibrant, inclusive communities and economic recovery.

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How to Plan Your Future Workforce

The future of government is digital. Governments face hard problems that need high performing teams to maximize value delivered to citizens. But how do you build a quality team?

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How to Put Data to Work

Data is useless in a vacuum. All the facts and statistics in the world won’t do you any good if you can’t access them easily or understand them within their broader context. No matter how much info you’ve got, if you can’t effectively parse it, it’s no good.

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Making Data Actionable

When collecting metrics or analyzing data, the first question should be "how is this actionable?" For the past two years, we have been untangling a decade of greenhouse gas emissions data and developing better data collection and analysis tools to support the CleanBC program. Here’s how to effectively leverage large swathes of data to maximize its impact.

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