Serving millions of Canadian citizens by building reliable public-sector technology.

We are a diverse team of designers, developers, researchers, scientists, tinkerers and all-around curious people with a single mission - create reliable technology that maximizes citizen impact.

5.1 million+

Canadian citizens served

20+ years

Government experience within leadership


Canadian owned and operated

In a nutshell

Our mission is to solve complex challenges within digital government, providing solutions that are transparent, scalable, and value-driven. We hire exceptional developers, designers, scientists and technologists who complement and support each other and produce a sum that is greater than its parts. Button is Canadian owned and operated, with offices in B.C. and Ontario.

Our pillars that guide and shape our values and mission:

Accessible and inclusive design
  • Working with evidence-based best practices
  • We create solutions thinking in everyone, in any place, from any device.
  • Button invests and incentives solutions that complies with WCAG 2.0
Flexible and iterative cooperation
  • Understanding clients' problems to deliver the right solution
  • Being transparent and adaptable
  • Delivering a Minimum Viable Product in a couple of weeks
High-quality digital services
  • Accurate and actionable data around Greenhouse Gas Industrial Reporting and Controls
  • Alignment with Climate Action Secretariat
  • Open-source frameworks and published publicly under an open-source Apache 2.0
Maximize citizen impact
  • Support competitiveness and facilitate emission reductions using revenues from the carbon tax
  • Support competitiveness and facilitate emission reductions using revenues from the carbon tax
  • Increase citizen engagement on climate change and climate policy.

Our core beliefs shape how we interact with each other and the world - we believe in:

Policy as code

Combining code and public policy requires careful consideration. Button uses ethical design to scale public good.

Governments need a digital evolution, not a revolution

Digital transformation requires iterative improvement, not innovative disruption. Button expands on what works to make a sustainable impact.

The future of digital governments is built, not bought

Sustainable systems are built, used, and maintained via public engagement. Button builds (instead of buying) because it reduces risk and resources in the long term.

Make the invisible visible

Transparency builds trust and fuels innovation. Button enables formerly-invisible insights and citizen perspectives.