Serving millions of Canadian citizens by building reliable public-sector technology.

We are a diverse team of designers, developers, researchers, scientists, tinkerers and all-around curious people with a single mission - create reliable technology that maximizes citizen impact.

5.1 million+

Canadian citizens served

20+ years

Government experience within leadership


Canadian owned and operated

In a nutshell

Our mission is to solve complex challenges within digital government, providing solutions that are transparent, scalable, and value-driven. We hire exceptional developers, designers, scientists and technologists who complement and support each other and produce a sum that is greater than its parts. Button is Canadian owned and operated, with offices in B.C. and Ontario.

Our core beliefs shape how we interact with each other and the world - We believe in:

Protecting citizen
data and privacy

We have been known to go above and beyond when it comes to software and data security. There is no other way when it comes to potentially sensitive citizen data.

benefits everyone

We like to build our tech out in the open. Not only does this provide complete transparency, it’s also one of the ways we give back to the tech community.

A focus on Agile development

It’s been tried and tested, and it works really well! We’ve used it to build tech in parallel with policy development and evolving requirements and still been on time and budget.

Maximizing citizen

Our mission is to help the government serve its citizens as efficiently as possible by building innovative technologies that solve complex problems.