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The Challenge

Creating consistent marketing materials directly from MLS listings was one of the biggest challenges in real-estate co-marketing. RealVault urgently needed a brochure and social media content generator to bring to market and eliminate inconsistent branding for the listing company and the many selling realtors.

Our Solution

We created an automated brochure and social media content generator that ensured consistent branding across real estate agents from any agency. It produces high-dpi PDFs directly from online MLS listings, ready to print, share, and distribute.
We delivered a user interface so simple that realtors didn't need any help or training. With fuzzy and partial search features, realtors can generate content even if they only recall part of the address or listing ID.
Using APIs and Data experience, we mapped multiple MLS feeds into one super-feed that supports the entire system, with all the MLS listings searchable by street address or ID.

The Outcome

RealVault now has a modern, clear marketing and communication solution to bring to market.
The high-conversion templates help realtors close business and comply with any brand's look and feel.
Getting information and marketing approvals is no longer a time-consuming process.
The intuitive interface and automation simplify the sales process for realtors and agencies.
Marketing-ready templates and layouts engage buyers and build stronger emotional connections by leveraging the latest data science insights.

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