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The Challenge

Jeeny was not in the market position they wanted. The company had a simple yet ambitious goal, to be the leading super-app in the Middle East. To achieve this goal, they wanted to completely overhaul their brand and rebuild the app to increase conversion rates.

Our Solution

The new app introduced a slew of new features, such as ordering food, groceries, and medicine. Our team included User Experience and Interaction design experts that understood how to deliver iterative design and conversion rate optimization.
We started by studying all major competitors in the ride-hailing and food delivery space, paying close attention to their UX and how they differed from each other. We then conducted thorough interviews with stakeholders, drivers, and end-users to identify what they loved and what they desired from the app.
Bold branding was next. We wanted the brand to stand out and be recognizable. The competitors in the market were using duller hues like Black and Green. We wanted to differentiate by having our brand jump out at our customers.

The Outcome

A new feature-rich app, taking over the market as the fastest-growing Super App in the Middle East.
A dramatic 3x increase in conversion rates of the ride-hailing flow.
Hit the mark perfectly in supporting a strategy in a highly price-sensitive market. Ride-sharing at the touch of a button transformed the app into an easy-to-use tool, allowing users to choose the option and price that work best for them.
Food-to-couch was never this easy, users can now order food from their favourite restaurants, even from restaurants that aren't registered.
Payment options were expanded for users without credit cards. Everyone has telecom service in the region, so users can now connect their telco with the app and use credits to pay for in-app services!

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