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The Challenge

The Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) a division of the Canadian Federal Government, hosted an internal innovation conference and needed help to educate and elevate its technology & innovation culture, capabilities, best practices, and collaboration skills around digital services and outcomes for Canadian citizens. The CRA required a unique and educational approach to digital problem-solving and the tools and methodology required to successfully get there.

Our Solution

After deep discovery and engagement, Button was ready to help solve the challenges CRA was facing with a unique and innovative approach that aligned with their needs.
Button UX and Service Design experts presented a comprehensive Masterclass called Empathy in Process Improvement. This session was created to challenge the typical approach that CRA uses to discuss digital issues and inclusivity and to provide new ways of solving them.
Additionally, we delivered a Keynote speech entitled “How to Build Trust through Service Design,” focusing on how mechanisms for building user trust can be designed into process systems and services, improving overall user experiences.

The Outcome

Through a series of highly collaborative sessions, including discovery, conversations, presentations, and workshops, Button helped empower the CRA to think openly, review internal culture and processes, and gain valuable insights on how to better support citizens and build deeper trust with the people it serves.
CRA employees are now better equipped to embrace diverse perspectives and an inclusive approach to digital innovation that aligns with their “People First” philosophy.
CRA has improved its culture, awareness, and understanding of what a meaningful outcome for Canadian citizens means, including how empathy plays a part in digital outcomes.
CRA employees are now empowered to incorporate innovation into their daily work, improving their productivity and outcomes and encouraging employees to think “outside the box”.
Ultimately, Canadians will receive a CRA digital experience that is more robust, inclusive, and empathetic, with a focus on the user.

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