Top Three Blog Posts

Based on our business interactions, here are the three most viewed posts on our blog over the last year.

Over the past year, we’ve gained some great traction and interaction via our Button Blog. We believe our blog offers clients, partners, and varied interested people the opportunity to better understand our values, ethics, and beliefs around digital services that provide meaningful outcomes.

We have a diverse team of designers, developers, researchers, scientists, tinkerers, and all-around curious people with a single mission - to create reliable, meaningful technology that maximizes citizen impact.

Based on our business interactions, here are the three most viewed posts on our blog over the last year.

#1 Powered by Button, CleanBC Has Won

An international award was presented by the Under2 Coalition during COP26 in Glasgow. Button tackled a meaningful problem and quickly delivered incremental innovation that supports forward-thinking climate outcomes and policies.

We supported CleanBC by developing innovative software that helps industry and government submit, analyze, and report on provincial industrial greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions data. The project was developed via the award-winning Sprint With Us fixed-cost procurement process, enabling Button to embed with the government team’s subject matter experts to deliver innovative, outcomes-based results. Read more.

#2 The Digital Divide

How Citizens Lives Are Impacted & What Can Be Done. A digital formula that includes evidence + low-risk policy + ethics = a meaningful outcome, to help close the digital divide.

It directly affects Indigenous, low-income, rural communities, and others who can’t easily access the information many of us are privileged to have and take for granted. As the global pandemic spread rapidly, just think about how reliant we became on the internet and the devices we accessed the online world from. Read more.

#3 Government Rules as Code

A Transformative Idea. Rules as Code can help change cumbersome, inefficient, analogue digital government into nimble, agile, and innovative digital entities to improve citizens’ lives – a truly transformative idea.

The basic premise of transparency in government is that government will operate in an accessible and visible manner and that their activities and decision-making are open and clear to the public. With rules written as code, government creates transparency, trust, and open engagement with citizens. People can see and understand what is going on with the rules that govern them. Read more.