Victoria, B.C. Canada, November 15, 2021:  

The Government of British Columbia’s CleanBC Industrial Incentive Program, powered by Button Inc., has been awarded “most creative climate solution” from the Under2 Coalition during COP26 in Glasgow. CleanBC aims to reduce climate pollution while creating jobs and economic opportunities for citizens, businesses, and communities.

We are expanding and accelerating climate action as we work across sectors to reduce climate-harming pollution and create new opportunities for people and businesses in the clean economy,” said George Heyman, Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy.

Button Inc. supported CleanBC by developing innovative software that helps industry and government submit, analyze, and report on provincial industrial greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions data. The project was developed via the award-winning Sprint with Us fixed-cost procurement process, enabling Button to embed with the government team’s subject matter experts to deliver innovative, outcomes-based results.

Collaboration, design, iterative delivery, and strong feedback loops were integral to the program’s success. “There are many approaches to design of climate programs,” says Button President Alec Wenzowski, “The Province has designed for one of the most significant gaps we see in environmental, societal, and governance (ESG) strategy around the world, and worked collaboratively with industry on forward-thinking policy.”  

“Through this unique collaboration, Button has helped the Province take complex data problems, and build well-designed digital solutions that support climate change related initiatives that will build a cleaner industry, reduce GHG emissions, and increase technological innovation.” said Lindsay Macfarlane, Senior Product Manager Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, Clean Growth Branch.

Button solves problems using data and science, then builds scalable technology solutions for a meaningful outcome. “We intentionally chose the CleanBC project to tackle a meaningful problem, and quickly deliver incremental innovation that supports real climate outcomes,” says Wenzowski. “Button’s mission is to deliver enduring impactful solutions, across disciplines, that demonstrate measurable results and maximize business value. Importantly, the technology that powers CleanBC is robust, maintainable, and builds a strong foundation for the next three decades of work necessary to achieve our 2050 climate targets.”


Button builds reliable digital solutions for both industry and government that produce meaningful outcomes. From domain and UI/UX expertise, to emissions reporting and contact tracing, to organizing data, Button helps create easy-to-use systems that that maximize user and citizen impact. Button's agile, multidisciplinary teams work in parallel with policy development to exceed the highest standards of usability and security, delivering projects on time and within budget. Learn more at  

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Image Credit: Zoey Li / Midjourney

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