In part 2 of our community sharing, we wanted to talk about a few projects and share a couple of Button team testimonials. We value you and this community and want to share our experiences on a personal level. The “real” experiences of our people.

In this issue, our areas of learning include; Civic engagement & citizen-centricity, ethical considerations, and change management.

What we deliver for end users like denizens is everything; it's the end-point to gauge success or failure. Civic engagement and citizen-centricity are core areas of focus in much of our delivery. Public sector projects are often focused on improving public services and citizen experiences. We have learned about citizen engagement strategies, user-centred design principles, and how to leverage technology to enhance public service delivery. This know-how has helped us develop a deep appreciation for citizen-centric approaches.

Button Team Testimonial

Project Name:  Go Electric. Go Electric is helping B.C. make the shift to cleaner transportation. The program makes it easier for people and businesses to buy and own an EV.

First Name:  Jenna

What I learned: I participated in researching and designing an information-as-a-service offering: The Go Electric website. The purpose of the website is to educate British Columbians about electric vehicle rebate options. The project involved understanding the various personas who were likely to be considering an EV purchase, creating exhaustive user stories, experimenting with various information architecture options, and testing clickable prototypes with prospective users. I learned so much about EVs and the importance of how this ties into our emissions reduction goals, and I met some amazing people too!

Empathy, care, and ethics in service delivery need to be a part of, “the why”. Ethical considerations for working in the public sector often involve dealing with sensitive data, such as personal information and government records. we’ve gained deep experience in the ethical considerations surrounding data privacy, security, and responsible use of technology. Insights into ensuring fairness, transparency, and accountability in our digital projects are woven into our best practices.


Button Team Testimonial

Project Name: CRA/Canadian Federal Government. Delivering a Masterclass in empathy in digital process improvement, and a workshop on how to apply this to their innovation program.

First Name: Jeff

What I learned: I was fortunate to participate in the sales process with our team and Canada Revenue Agency, and this was a great learning experience for me. Developing an understanding of what CRA’s challenges were was a real eye-opener. Like any area of business or government, they have challenges, and getting to know some CRA team members, understand their frictions, and help deliver a solution was very rewarding. A great opportunity to meet new people and open new doors to the future.

A structured process for leading the people side of change to achieve a desired digital outcome is ultimately what change management focuses on - how to help people engage, adopt and use a change in their day-to-day work. Change management and implementing digital projects in the public sector often require organizational change. Our learnings include how to navigate and manage change, including overcoming resistance, fostering adoption, and ensuring smooth transitions for both employees and citizens.

Please come back for Part 3 soon.

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