In part 1 of our community sharing, we wanted to talk about a few projects and share a couple of Button team testimonials. We value you and this community and want to share our experiences on a personal level. The "real" experiences of our people.

In this issue, our areas of learning include; Understanding government processes, stakeholder management, and policy & legal frameworks.

Understanding government processes is critical; it includes working with individual public service employees and other vendor partners as we support the evolution of digital government.  By working on digital projects in the public sector, we’ve gained insights into how governments operate, including the decision-making processes, policies, regulations, and compliance requirements. This knowledge provides us with a deeper understanding of the public sector ecosystem and how to align and best serve citizens with meaningful outcomes.

Button Team Testimonial

Project Name:  Environment Climate Change Canada. Consulting to support a standardized Digital Collaboration framework to transform digital IT services.

First Name:   Zoey

What I Learned:   I explored how digital collaboration happens within the Government of Canada. We’re focusing on how communication, coordination, and information sharing are happening, with their collaborators, to find the frictions. Something we’ve found fascinating is how contractors ensure that work is valuable post-delivery. I’ve learned that when collaborations happen with vendors, one of the biggest challenges is making sure that in hand-off or ownership of the work, the work can be continued and built on  after the engagement ends.

It can be a juggling act and stakeholder management in Public sector projects often involves multiple stakeholders, including government officials, citizens, and other organizations. We have learned how to effectively communicate and collaborate with diverse stakeholders, manage their expectations, and navigate through complex stakeholder landscapes.

Button Team Testimonial

Project Name:  The CleanBC Industrial Incentive Program (CIIP). Operating under the Province of British Columbia’s Climate Action Secretariat

First Name:  Dylan

What I Learned:  I worked with the Climate Action Secretariat on the CleanBC Industrial Incentive Program. I implemented policies and regulations as code to support the Province’s initiatives to reduce carbon emissions. I have learned a huge amount about climate action methodologies, carbon tax, and the steps BC has taken to become a leader in combating climate change.

Guardrails and knowing right from wrong, the policy and legal frameworks within the Public sector projects are subject to various and very challenging standards. We have developed a solid understanding of these frameworks, such as data protection regulations, procurement rules, and accessibility guidelines. Understanding these frameworks is incredibly valuable in developing compliant and sustainable digital solutions.

Please come back for Part 2 soon!

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