Jenna helps technical teams to dissect complex sustainability challenges and deploy user-centered technology solutions. She is a Product Manager, service designer and entrepreneur focused on civic tech, govtech and organizational development. Jenna holds a M.Sc in sustainability science and is a former RADIUS Fellow and C40 Women4Climate Fellow.

She is a seasoned non-profit board member and a devoted mentor and mentee within Vancouver's technology and sustainability sectors. Her education in geography, sustainability science and business provide a foundation for her three professional areas of interest:

1 - 🌆 How can technology support more equitable and sustainable city building?

2 - 🌳 What is the role of technology in building trust between denizens and their governments?

3 - 💗 How can teams create practices, processes and norms that support their wellbeing as well as their impact goals?

Since joining Button, Jenna has lived in Canada’s biggest cities and in the woods in the deep of winter. Jenna is determined to make the most of Button’s remote work policy, not just by trying out different work locations, but by meeting every Button employee IRL before the end of 2023!

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