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Employee Showcase: Meet Elliott

He’ll also have a coffee because he loves coffee—especially paired with a good pastry

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Employee Showcase
Elliott Lee
User Researcher
Start Date
October 2021

Today's Feature is Elliott Lee.

Elliott is user researcher who explores the needs of stakeholders and users to improve digital services. As a designer, he uses his research skills to effectively study the best practices in UX/UI for the particular area he’s working in and how to address the key needs using evidence-based methods. His rigorous & diligent research methods come from his background in studying human attitudes, thoughts, and behaviours as a psychologist. He used to be an assistant professor of psychology where he researched and taught about personality, social processes, and the natural environment. He has studied how being in nature improves our lives and how to encourage people to treat the earth better.

At the heart of it all Elliott is a Christian, a family man, and a talker. Working with him means you’ll get to know his two young kids, who are the funnest little monsters ever, because they constantly pop in during calls. He’ll have a coffee chat with anyone because he loves to talk about anything and everything—from how to fix a hot water tank to understanding the complexities of the human experience. He’ll also have a coffee because he loves coffee—especially paired with a good pastry. He gets spoiled with fancy pastries from his wife who is anawarded pastry chef. After a good coffee, he likes a good beer. He’s been passionately brewing craft beer for over ten years and has worked for two breweries.

Elliott bringsall his professional and personal experiences to Button to coordinate researchon how to improve digital services. He has a PhD in psychology in which hegarnered expertise in both quantitative & qualitative research methods. Heuses both in a mixed methods approach to exploring user experiences, businessprocesses, and stakeholder needs. Throughout all of this, he loves using collaborativedesign practices. In order to maximize the benefit from meeting with users& stakeholders, he loves to work with them in creative ways to identifyproblems & ideate solutions.

If you everwant to chat about research, design, or anything at all give him a ring-ding-ding.


Check Elliott out on Social at Github and LinkedIn


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