Today, the tech world has become ultra-competitive when it comes to trying to attract, recruit and retain the talent required to create successful digital projects with a meaningful outcome.

These teams are composed of designers, scrum masters, full-stack developers, data scientists, and more, all tasked to deliver meaningful solutions and digital services to private sector organizations, government, and citizens. The result should enable seamless collaboration among private sectors and government departments with transparency and real outcomes for citizens. A win-win solution for everyone.

Creating the right dev culture

Looking in from the outside at the digital transformation journey, you may think of a development team at a high level as a structured group of individuals who come together to complete tasks. What if it could be so much more? Even better… what if there is so much more out there now?

In some workspaces, that place of much more does exist. However, in order to attract and retain top talent, the right culture must be created and maintained with innovators who are passionate about making an impact and who are empowered to step outside the box to push the limits.

With the right culture, everyone who is added to the team brings their unique expertise to the table and comes together to produce working assets that are impact-driven. The right collaborative space allows anyone to jump in at any time, be valued, and share their ideas openly. People helping people is part of the foundation of success on any great team.

Core values that guide the work

Smart leaders create and instill core values on a team and throughout an organization. Part of the team environment should include caring about creating meaningful connections with the products delivered and finding the right solutions for clients. We’re all people, and a development team needs to support one another, creating a mentoring environment along the way. We need every team member, unique in their own way, to balance each other out while embracing failure and learning from mistakes. Ultimately, we work towards the end goal as a team, while doing the right thing and doing that thing right.

The right core values will usually result in the delivery of meaningful solutions instead of settling for temporary workarounds. The team should always grow, be building, and improve on past iterations because if we’re not failing, then we’re not pushing hard enough.

Pillars that guide and shape speak for themselves

When new members join a development team, it should be a seamless process. The right people fit effortlessly into the right culture. When everyone expresses the same passion, impactful progress is made and that is revolutionary. Pillars that define how a company and their team lives and breathes could include:

  • Accessible and inclusive design: working with evidence-based best practices, creating solutions that include everyone, in any place, from any device.
  • Flexible and iterative cooperation: Truly understanding clients' problems to deliver the right solution, and being transparent and adaptable.
  • Maximize citizen impact: Support competitiveness, increase citizen engagement, and adoption of digital tools.

People should care to be part of it, because they care about the work they're doing. It's such a great perspective. People's care should be evident as part of a built-in feature of the hiring process. Peer interviews have the express purpose of assessing fit, based upon these ideas. It’s about how you build a home with people who want to be there.

We’re excited to be growing our team

Our development team acts as the glue that holds everything together. It’s the common thread among new projects – and there is no shortage of new projects in the pipeline when it comes to improving digital services and technologies. Especially with ongoing measures to close the digital divide and further digital government transformation, our team is eager to grow now more than ever.

We are supporting digital transformation one step at a time. Through integrating feedback, setting small goals and deliverables, and incrementally improving on these deliverables in short sprints, we are facilitating meaningful change, seamless collaboration, and improving trust between businesses, citizens, and government.

If this is something that excites you, then we’re on the same page! Visit our careers page for more information on our current open roles!

Image Credit: Zoey Li / Midjourney

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