With the flowers in bloom and the summer sun currently shining brightly down on Canada, it’s the time of year where you may find yourselves with reduced staffing, reduced activity levels, and if you’re lucky even a little bit of downtime.  

Summer recess is the perfect time to reset and refocus your energies for the upcoming year. If you’re like us here at Button, and like the feeling of being ahead of the game, you might enjoy checking off the items on this optimized checklist anchored in psychological principles. It is designed to put you in the frame of mind to make the most of your summer downtime, so you can return with a fresh perspective and a renewed passion for your projects in the fall.

Check these off with us, will ya?  And let us know how and when you do. We love hearing from you :)

1.  Reflect on Past Projects (Principle: Self-Reflection)

Simply put, reflecting on past projects allows you to identify what went right and what went wrong. It can also help to uncover valuable patterns in both your strengths and weaknesses. By taking a bit of time to summarize and learn from your past experiences, you can make more informed decisions and improve performance metrics in the year ahead.

☐ Take a moment to review your completed projects from the last calendar year. What went right and wrong? Write it down.

☐ Celebrate your successes!

☐ Identify and embrace growth opportunities for future initiatives.

2.  Engage in Professional Development (Principle: Growth Mindset)

Embrace the growth mindset proposed by psychologist Carol Dweck, which emphasizes that belief, abilities and intelligence can be developed through consistently dedicated effort. Overall, investing in professional development is a proactive approach to career success. It empowers individuals to take control of their growth, remain adaptable in a dynamic job market, and continuously improve their skills and expertise. Learning new techniques and best practices can lead to increased productivity and efficiency in the workplace. By mastering efficient methods and staying up-to-date on industry developments, professionals can work more effectively and deliver better results. Industries undergo constant changes, whether due to technological advancements, market shifts, or global events. Engaging in professional development helps individuals adapt to these changes more easily, making them more resilient in the face of uncertainty.

☐ Actively seek opportunities to enhance your skills and knowledge through professional development.

☐ Attend a workshop, seminar, or online course that fuels your passion for learning.

☐  Participate in a discovery session, like a complimentary 1-hour service design discovery session to help you understand the challenges that drive your business

Keep your eyes open for more information about the Google/Button Hackathon scheduled for this September. Details coming soon!

3.  Foster Team Collaboration (Principle: Social Facilitation)

Social facilitation is a psychological phenomenon where the presence of others enhances individual performance on well-learned tasks. Use this quieter period of the year to brainstorm and collaborate ideas with your colleagues, as creative minds working together can often come up with groundbreaking solutions through social facilitation. Fostering team collaboration brings numerous benefits that positively impact both the team and the organization as a whole. It creates a harmonious and productive work environment where individuals can thrive and contribute their best efforts toward achieving common goals.

☐ Take advantage of the nice summer weather to do in-person activities and build camaraderie with your co-workers!

4.  Explore Emerging Technologies (Principle: Intrinsic Motivation)

Tap into your curiosity and intrinsic motivation by exploring the abundant world of emerging technologies. Embracing new tech can give companies a competitive edge, positioning them as industry leaders and right now the landscape is rife with innovation.

☐   Research and experiment with cutting-edge advancements in your field to discover their potential impact

5.  Prepare SMART Goals for Fall (Principle: Goal Setting)

Setting clear and specific goals provides individuals and teams with a sense of direction and purpose. When goals are well-defined, it becomes easier to focus on the most important tasks and avoid distractions. This clarity ensures that efforts are channeled toward achieving the desired outcomes, making progress more tangible and measurable. Goals act as powerful motivators. They create a sense of challenge and purpose, inspiring individuals to work harder and stay committed to their objectives. When people have meaningful goals to strive for, they are more likely to maintain their enthusiasm and perseverance, even when faced with obstacles or setbacks.

☐  Set yourself up for success in the fall by establishing clear, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) objectives for the year ahead

Bonus Items

Side Projects (Principle: Autonomy)

Unleash your creativity with personal tech projects! Autonomy in side projects empowers you to explore ideas independently.

Health and Wellness (Principle: Self-Care)

Prioritize self-care and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Knowledge Sharing (Principle: Social Learning)

Collaborate and inspire your colleagues by sharing your expertise and best practices.

By investing in reflection, growth, collaboration, exploration, and goal setting, you'll return to work with a refreshed mindset and renewed passion, ready to deliver exceptional solutions in the fall. Happy summer!

Image Credit: Alfonso Estevez / Midjourney

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