Social Media & Brochure Tool For Realtors

How we’re helping BC reduce emissions and promote a thriving economy.


Full-stack web development, UX/UI


Web Application, Cloudbased Deployment


JS, Node, React,HTML/SASS

The project

Covault provides co-marketing technology to verticals such as automotive and real-estate. One of the challenges they saw in real-estate co-marketing was thatthere was no consistency in marketing material that realtors were responsible for creating.

To address that, they tasked us with building an automated Brochure and Social Media content generator that would ensure consistent branding for the Real-estate company and the realtors.

Business Requirements

Climate change science and policy is complex, and super fascinating. Data science and emission research lie and the heart of CIIP and we needed to understand this science before we could create a thorough roadmap of the project. Our scientists worked with CAS subject matter experts and analysts, picking apart the smallest details of the program, until we ourselves became experts. We interviewed stakeholders in parallel to understand the business requirements of the program.

Project Features and Outcomes

Easy and Intuitive Interface

Users needed to be able to use thisprogram without help or training. We made the UI super explicit and linear. Feedback indicates that users find it very intuitive.

Data mapping multiple sources

We leveraged our API and Dataexperience to map multiple feeds to create one super-feed that supports the entire system


Coupling the super-feed with advanced front-end layout techniques, we were able to automate the creation the of brochures and social media content using just an address or ID.

Fuzzy and Partial Search

To make it even easier to use, we built infuzzy and partial search so realtors can generate content even if they only recall parts of the address or listing ID.

Print-ready PDF Generation

We created a pixel perfect HTML-to PDF generator that spits out High-DPI PDFs that are ready to be printed and distributed.


Following a successful demo and the obvious business value it created, multiple real-estate companies have signed on with CoVault to use the tool.The app has seen 3,800% growth in active users over 3 months